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"After suffering with long term back pain I thought I'd give somatics a try after Karen and her class was highly recommended by friends. My very first class was incredible totally relieved my back pain, I could move freely and felt grounded and balanced. Karen is an amazing instructor, explained the movements really well. Very obvious she loves Somatics and has extensive knowledge which makes her enthusiastic and her class very enjoyable. "
"I started taking somatic movement classes on the recommendation of a friend as it sounded like the right kind of exercise to help with my muscular issues I had developed during my working life.  The increased range of movement and improved awareness of body symmetry has helped me to enjoy my golf and tennis. After a somatic movement class I feel more relaxed, energised and able to enjoy a better lifestyle. Karen’s personalised and relaxed approach makes the class very enjoyable. What’s not to like, give it a try .
"Karen has a saying - "you don't know what you don't know". So true as far as somatics is concerned. At the start of the class you lie relaxed on your mat. Let everything go Karen says - I have, I think. Maybe you feel a little tight or tense or have the odd twinge but on the whole everything feels fine. An hour later after breathing and feeling your way through a number of movements designed to connect mind and body you lie back on your mat and let everything go. You feel wonderful and totally connected with your body. Areas of tightness you didn't know you had have disappeared and you feel at one with the world.  I know that I will have a good nights sleep after a bedtime somatics class and can recommend these classes to anyone and everyone. "
"I started somatic movement to help me better understand how my body works so that I can avoid unnecessary trauma induced when playing golf as well as other activities such as walking. It has helped me be more relaxed when I need to be and to know better my limitations - particularly in rotating the upper body. Generally, it has helped me maintain and improve my range of movement which is especially important as I grow older. I feel good after somatic movement class. I feel relaxed and at ease with myself. Where I have had a tightness, I feel freer. Karen is a great teacher and is empathetic to the needs of her clients. She is careful not to push you beyond the limits of your capability but at the same time she maximises the benefit of attending each class. Now we are on zoom, the whole class has adapted well."
"I had chronic pain in my shoulders and back, which had started with an injury but hadn’t properly resolved over several years. Doing somatics regularly has helped in significantly reducing the tension and pain in my shoulders and back, which is what I wanted to happen. However, a very welcome side effect is that I’ve found it’s also helped my lower back and hips, and I’ve noticed that I feel more flexible and have less ‘aches and pains’ in my body. If I don’t do somatics, I notice quickly that I feel more achy and tense. I feel so much more relaxed in myself. I can physically feel the difference after a class, and this helps me sleep better as well. I feel more in tune with my body, where there is tension and what I need to pay attention to. The class is very mindful, so I feel like I let go of stress by listening to Karen’s voice and working through the movements. I know I’ve done something that’s really good for me, and it feels like a treat!"
"I already did a lunchtime Pilates class and knew this would be another great opportunity to feel physically and mentally good. After the class I feel much calmer, happier and relaxed with a sense of accomplishment and balance. Karen’s ever-present optimism and cheerfulness and the knowledge that I will enjoy the class and feel better afterwards."
"Somatics is a total gamechanger, I hate to think where I'd be without my practice. I especially love Karen's bedtime class, it's the best night's sleep of the week by far! Karen's classes are always a delight, she is clearly very knowledgeable and has a real passion for the practice. I am always left in no doubt after taking one of Karen's classes why somatics is important and how it can improve my life - and she's not wrong!"
"I’m a newcomer to somatic movement and Karen’s sessions were recommended to me by a friend.  I’ve had back and neck problems for over 30 years and I wanted something I could do for myself rather than a quick, temporary fix by a chiropractor or similar.  I love the philosophy of the somatic approach – undoing chronic muscular tension by re-educating our nervous system.  It makes so much sense!  After a class I feel freer, softer and less braced.  Classes are small and personal and Karen is just the best teacher – a clear communicator, enthusiastic, understanding and compassionate, and a terrific ambassador for the Somatic Movement.  I love the fact that you can follow a class without having to stay glued to a screen.  Karen’s directions are so clear that you can concentrate fully on releasing tension and noticing how your body responds.  Nothing is rushed and clients are encouraged to feed back their observations.  We are not passive recipients of a ‘treatment’ but active partners in creating optimal conditions for stress free use of our bodies – for the rest of our lives."
"Karen came highly recommended to me by Martha Petersen, the founder of Essential Somatics and I can understand why!  The principles of somatic movement are carefully weaved in to her teaching style with practical explanations of why movements are beneficial.  The timing and clarity of her cues are easy to follow to allow you, as a student, to really immerse yourself in the practice.  As a result, you reap the benefits of feeling more connected to yourself physically and emotionally.  Really look forward to Karen’s class every week."
"I started Somatics as it was introduced into our weekly Pilates sessions.  I had never heard of Somatics beforehand. The movements are simple and so effective.  You can feel a real difference with your body after a class. Karen is absolutely brilliant at articulating the instructions for the moves, in a calm and pleasant way; and she explains how everything works and is connected, which I find really helpful, informative and interesting; and it helps with feeling the connections in your body.  Now we are working from home, it shows just how good an instructor she is, we don’t have to be in the same room. I started the classes after having lower back pain from a tennis injury and haven’t had any problems with my back since; and took up tennis again! I feel relaxed and chilled after the class and have more energy, my body feels freer and ‘lighter’ weirdly. Highly recommend, always makes me feel good and happy. "
"I started taking somatic movement classes because I was relying on regular massage treatments to release tension in my back but this was an expensive short-term fix. Somatics helps me because it allows me to release the tension in my back which improves my posture and range of movement. After a somatic movement class my mind and body feel connected as a whole system and I feel relaxed and free to move. I enjoy being able to improve how my body feels with simple, gentle movements that I can do myself. "
"I have been attending Somatics classes with Karen for some considerable time. I started Somatic classes because I am a keen golfer and as I have got older my range of movement has decreased and occasional pain has been felt. Somatic classes, run by Karen, have helped to improve movement, reduce pain and definitely has improved my sense of well-being."
"Karen has a clear, calm and measured delivery - her pace allows you think about what you are doing so you are able to concentrate on precision of movement and get the most out of each exercise. Karen teaches so well on Zoom! I have found the sessions have been really important for me during lockdown. The first 10 minutes often concentrate on breathing, being still and consciously knowing how I feel – I have become aware of how tense I get …and then the rest of the session I can do something about it …it is like pressing the ‘pause’ button for an hour in the day. I find that the sessions help with my ongoing lower back pain – I feel freer and more able to move my back after each session and confident to use the exercises myself if it gets worse in the week. At the end of her sessions I feel ‘loose’, energised and both physically and mentally ready to face the world (or computer screen) again"

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