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How can I learn Somatic Movement Education?


Join the Somatic Habit Membership Community! As a member you pay a monthly fee and get access to all live zoom classes, on demand classes including shorter daily sequences, access to basic movement videos, access to a 4 class introduction to somatic movement course and much much more.

Group Movement Classes

Movement classes are mat based and take place mostly on the floor where you are guided through a series of gentle somatic movements. Throughout the class you are encouraged to sense and feel, focusing your attention inwards and moving gently. Somatic movement classes can also be arranged for individual sessions.

Clinical Somatics

These are one-to-one hands on sessions and are the most direct way of addressing your sensory motor amnesia, enabling you to sense more and move more freely. Sessions mostly take place on a low and wide Feldenkrais style table and last between 60 and 90 minutes. In these sessions you will be helped to better understand your movement habits and posture, identify where you experience SMA and be taught take away movements to do in your own time. These ‘take-away’ movements are vital to support the learning that you do in your clinical session and are designed to help you to develop your own somatic habit. The key to long term change in your body is developing new habits, somatic habits.

Phone/Zoom Consultations

Sometimes it is not possible to attend a class or face to face session, but we feel the need for some guidance and advice about our somatic practice. Phone consultations can be arranged to fit in with your schedule and are available for either 30 or 60 minute slots.


Essential Somatics has a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of free videos. Go and explore the world of somatic movement in your own time.


Studio weekly 60 minute group movement classes

Wednesday 10:30 (UK time)

Location: York Pilates People Studio

Drop in class price – £12
Pack of 5 classes – £55

Discount for Somatic Habit and York Pilates People members. Email me for the discount code at

Zoom weekly 60 minute group movement classes

Monday 09:30 (UK time) – Morning Somatic Movement Class
Tuesday 20:15 (UK time) – Bedtime Somatic Movement Class

Drop in class price – £11
Pack of 5 classes – £45

My Zoom room opens 10 minutes before classes begin.

One-to-one Clinical Sessions

One-to-one Zoom Clinical Sessions

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