Somatic Movement Book

Somatic Movement

Restoring functional pain-free movement and moving towards connection and wholeness

This book will serve individuals who grapple with persistent pain, seeking temporary solace in others’ remedies. It’s for those battling stress, anxiety, and detachment, yearning for connection. It caters to those facing limited mobility and a sense of lost autonomy, offering empowerment and liberation.

Learn how you can restore functional pain free movement, for yourself.

Understand how stress and trauma accumulates and manifests in your nervous system and how you can release this for the long term.

Learn why being fixed by others only brings temporary relief from pain, and how you can do this for yourself for long term change.

In this book you will learn

Learn how stress is held in your system and how to release this for the long term

Learn what you repeatedly do in your life that may contribute to niggles, pain and disconnect.

Learn how to address and release the root cause of recurring pain, discomfort and restricted movement, for yourself!

Learn simple, gentle yet empowering movements to release stress, pain and restore functional movement.

Learn how to create a regular practise to reduce the accumulation of stress becoming a problem.

Karen Statner

How to get the book

There are 2 ways to get hold of the book.

1. If you’d like the book delivered to you, please click the button below and purchase it from Amazon and the book will be delivered to you in the usual way.

2. If you’re local to York you can buy the book directly from me and you can collect it from one of my classes. Just buy the book by clicking the button below and I’ll drop you an email to arrange collection of your copy of the book.

Somatic Movement - Book

by Karen Statner

Somatic Movement Book

Live your life pain free with freedom and fun

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