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We help people learn how to move freely and without pain.

If you suffer with pain and limited movement, maybe even feel like you have “tried everything” but with no long term improvement, somatics is the missing link. Somatic movements are some of the safest and easiest ways to relieve muscle tension, giving you back control of your life.

Somatic Movement Education is a method developed by the late Thomas Hanna Ph.D., to relieve pain and restricted movement caused by habitually tight muscles known as sensory motor amnesia (SMA). This is like a ‘blind spot’ in our awareness.

When you learn somatic movement and develop your own somatic habit, you are choosing to take back control of your muscles and your body, so that you can enjoy fuller and freer movement. More movement means more life!

Regularly practicing somatic movement and developing your own somatic habit helps you to learn what your holding and movement patterns are that contribute to your pain or discomfort. When you know what these are, you can change them. With caring and expert guidance from your Somatic Educator you will learn how to reduce unconscious muscle tension (SMA) and move more freely. These are essential skills for a long, healthy and pain free life.

Here are some, but not all, common issues that somatics can help to address:

Below are examples of what you may see when someone experiences the above issues. Which image do you identify with?


Whether you attend a movement class or have clinical sessions, you will be taught how to pandiculate. This is like yawning and you will see cats and dogs do this repeatedly throughout the day. When you pandiculate you are consciously reconnecting your brain to your muscles, restoring them back to their optimum resting length. This leaves you with greater control of your system, reduced muscle tension and increased movement.

Live your life pain free with freedom and ease

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