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A. Somatics helps you to understand how your body functions as a whole system and it is the only method that specifically addresses sensory motor amnesia, which is what keeps our muscles habitually held tight. It teaches you how to relieve muscle tension, so you are not dependant on someone else to “fix” you. Your muscles are controlled by your brain, therefore, to create long term change it is your brain (you) that needs to learn how to release tension.

A. Somatics is for everyone, and a certain level of fitness is not needed in order for you to learn how to release your muscle tension. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury then you must be cleared for movement by your GP or Physio.

A. Not at all! In fact, Thomas Hanna created a whole series of movements called The Myth of Aging! Developing a daily somatic habit can help you to feel and move freely whatever your age, and even get better with age! It also helps you to keep doing or go back to doing the sports, activities and games that you love, but may have stopped doing because of pain or restricted movement.

A. The key to making longer term changes in how your body moves and feels is in educating you to make those changes, by learning to address your SMA through pandiculation and treating yourself as a whole system. You are the only person who knows how it feels to be you, and because you control your whole system from your brain, you are the only one who can make changes from the inside out. Somatic movement education guides and educates you to make those changes.

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